Active Living
Most Canadians would agree that a healthy lifestyle consisting of regular physical activity and healthy eating is beneficial to our overall health. This is especially true for older adults. Physical activity and healthy eating can extend our lives, reduce disability and chronic diseases and most importantly improve the quality of our lives.
Many older adults may also feel that it is too late or too hard to inclulde physical activity and healthy eating into their daily lives. AlCOA Manitoba's goal is to help all older adults live an active lifestyle and experience the health benefits, joy and happiness that go along with it.
How do I live this way?
We often hear about active living, physical activity, or healhty eating and their importance to our health. What we don't here often enough is HOW to live this way. The focus of ALCOA Mb's website is to provide the information and resources older adults need to start or continue to live and active and healthy lifestyle.
Within the active living portion of this website you will find information on physical activity, exercise and healhty eating specifically for older adults. ALCOA MB has also developed a step by step guide to healthy living for older adults. This guide will help you include physical activity and healthy eating into your daily lives with 4 easy steps. We encourage you to read through the information and resources presented in the physical activity and healthy eating sections, then begin your journey towards a healthier lifestyle by taking the first step in our step by step guide.

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