About Us

Who we are

The Active Living Coalition for Older Adults in Manitoba (ALCOA-MB) is a partnership of 40 partner organizations and 13 supporting partners that are committed to encouraging and promoting active aging in Manitoba.

Why are we concerned?

  • 60% of older adults are inactive.
  • Sitting or lying for long periods of time is a serious health risk (World Health Organization).
  • Inactivity leads to a decline in:
    • bone strength;
    • muscle strength;
    • heart and lung fitness; and flexibility.
  • Inactivity is as harmful to your health as smoking.

Our population of older adults is growing and we need to find solutions now to ensure that seniors are healthy, active, and able to fully participate and contribute to their communities.

What are we doing about it?

With financial assistance from Seniors and Healthy Aging Secretariat and other funders, we act as a catalyst for change. We do this in different ways:

  • Engage older adults as ambassadors to educate, encourage, and support their peers in becoming more active. These trained volunteer peer leaders deliver presentations, and lead exercise classes and walking programs.
  • Share information through our website, disseminate research by our national partner, and publish a newsletter for older Manitobans.
  • Loan equipment to encourage participation of all abilities and ages.
  • Host a week-long awareness campaign to bring information to all Manitobans and to promote the work of all our partners.
  • Host roundtables or think tanks annually to explore issues and concerns of partner organizations. Each roundtable reviews existing research on the topic, brings partners and older members together to discuss concerns, and investigates possible solutions.

Our Vision

ALCOA-MB envisions a society where all older Manitobans are leading active lifestyles, thereby contributing to their physical and overall well-being.

Our Mission

ALCOA-MB is a partnership of organizations and individuals that have an interest in the field of aging and encourages older Manitobans to maintain and enhance their well-being through a lifestyle that embraces daily physical activities.

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