The 2017 55 Plus Games - Killarney, MB 

June 13-15, 2017 !!

*Results are posted as they are received

Killarney Host Committee Co-chairs: Bob Moore (left) & Rob MacTavish (right)

Greetings from the Killarney Host Committee:
" Celebrate the Years"

It is a pleasure, on behalf of all the volunteers, officials, sponsors and athletes to welcome you to the 
2017 55 Plus games in Killarney-Turtle Mountain.

Our sincere wish is that you will enjoy the competition, hospitality and friendships of the games as well as the natural beauty of the region. Our volunteers and sponsors have done everything possible to enhance your stay and experience. We hope you will, after the games are over, feel the desire to return and visit again.

We extend a hearty invitation to all to take part in the banquet, the variety concert and to take some time to stroll about the town and beach area. Best of luck to all!

We extend sincere thanks to the 
Active Living Coalition for Older Adults
(ALCOA) for its support and the opportunity to host the games.

Let's celebrate the years as we gather in friendship. 
See you in the One Fifty Lounge!

-Bob Moore & Rob MacTavish Co-chairs

The Games are open to any Manitoban over the age of 55. The registration process depends on what event you would like to participate in. Card events require qualifying playoffs in different regions of the province, while other events such as swimming, snooker or scrabble do not require any playoffs.

Greetings from the ALCOA-MB Chair

Teresa Tacchi

Welcome to the Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries 55 Plus Games.

As chair of the Active Living Coalition for Older Adults of Manitoba, it is my pleasure to thank our Host Committee for their hospitality, collaboration and organization of this year’s Games.

A big thank you also goes out to our Sponsors and Donors!

ALCOA-MB is extremely grateful for the support of its Sponsors:
• MB Liquor and Lotteries
• MB Credit Unions
• MB Hydro
• MB Public Insurance
• Sport MB, and the
• Winnipeg Free Press

Without your support, the 55 Plus Games would not be possible. And what a shame that would be! As the Games promote recreational activities for Manitobans 55 and older. They promote a healthy lifestyle, volunteerism and community involvement.

The games attract over a thousand participants, volunteers and spectators from across the province each year.

It provides a great way to meet new people in the community and reacquaint old friendships, year after year.

Seniors can have fun, competing in activities they love which challenge their mental and/or physical abilities, no matter what their fitness level. Or, they can try their hand at something new.

But the benefits of the 55 Plus Games extend beyond the competition, as many people plan vacations around the games. It allows us the opportunity to explore the wonderful province and country we live in by visiting the cities and communities that host the games, year after year.

The Games also help support the Canadian economy by keeping the money spent on vacations within our country.

Once again, on behalf of ALCOA-MB, we want to thank you for your continuous support, and look forward to many more ACTIVE years together.


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