Connect with Respect

Thank you to all who participated in the 2016 “Connect with Respect” campaign. The focus of “Connect with Respect” was on the positive impact of activities and events for older adults, and how effective these programs were in encouraging social engagement and ongoing participation in active aging events and activities.


In its inaugural year, the initiative was a tremendous success on so many levels: effectively engaging older adults in activities, creating meaningful social connections, and impacting the lives of many through a deliberate, sensitive, and caring approach that was participant-centered.


Participation was open to any community organization or group in Manitoba who successfully planned and facilitated a program, event or activity any time between September 25, 2016 (the start of Active Aging Week) and October 31, 2016 (the final day of Seniors’ & Elders’ Month) that resulted in the meaningful engagement and involvement of older adults.


Fourteen community organizations/groups registered their activity or event and shared their story with ALCOA-MB. These are their entries, as told in their words and now shared to encourage others to create opportunities for older adults in their community. You can read their stories in the links to the left of this page.


While it is difficult to quantify, the 2016 “Connect with Respect” campaign captured a collection of snapshots of how to meaningfully engage older adults, how to successfully create participants, and how to warm up an inviting and exciting place that is appealing to older adults. This initial round of “Connect with Respect” introduced an encouraging, inclusive, and caring approach to socially engaging older adults that strives for warm and friendly welcomes and meaningful participation.


These submissions were only a beginning and we will continue to build on this momentum.


ALCOA-MB applauds community groups and organizations that are taking extra steps to make a difference in the lives of older adults. ALCOA-MB continues to encourage all groups and organizations to work towards engaging older adults in activities that portray them as healthy, vibrant, knowledgeable, and contributing members of our communities.


A heartfelt thank you to CARP (Manitoba Chapters) for their generous sponsorship and support of this program.

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