Programs - Steppin' Up With Confidence

Steppin Up With Confidence
Steppin' up with confidence, a program initiated in 2003 by WRHA and developed into a partnership of the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority, Reh-fit Centre, University of Manitoba , Manitoba Fitness Council, Manitoba Association on Gerontology and the Active Living Coalition for Older Adults in Manitoba. Originally part of a falls prevention program for older adults, stepping up and out are peer led exercise and walking programs. Both of these programs support and encourage older adults to embrace an active lifestyle by offering self-sustaining, accessible, high quality, no cost exercise and walking programs within or near their apartment complex or home. An essential component of the program is the peer leaders who volunteer their time to be trained and to lead exercise classes.

What is a Peer Leader?
Volunteers who are active older adults are trained to make presentations; lead walking or exercise classes or act as ambassadors to motivate their peers to become more active and more healthy. The message is simple "do a little more, a little more often". Peer leaders share their experience at least twice a year. Leaders mentor and support each other in their activities. Join our growing ranks of leaders.
Our Peer Leaders are trained older adults who can provide a fun interactive presentation that fits into your program.

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