Connect with Respect - Carman Health Fair 2016

Carman Health Fair 2016
Carman Community Hall
October 26, 2016
325 older adult participants (aged 55 years or older)
400 people involved in total

Describe the purpose of the program/activity/event:

The purpose of our Health Fair is to provide an opportunity for community members to receive their flu shots, to learn about community services/organizations/businesses through the 28 varied displays and to enjoy a healthy lunch and socialize with community people.

Briefly describe what you think made your program/activity/event special? Why do you think it was successful?

The event is special because we have a great partnership with Public Health nurses, Seniors Resource Council, Active Living Centre, Carman Health Auxiliary who all work together to plan a great event.

How inviting or appealing was this activity for the holder adults involved?

The 28 displayers did a wonderful job of setting up their individual displays to attract participants and engage them in conversation.

How easy was it (for the older adults) to participate?

Participants could easily have their blood sugar checked, take the Virtual Dementia tour, try out walking poles, sign up for a hand massage, check out quality footwear and interact with displayers. Our event was held at the local community hall which is wheelchair accessible.

How likely will the older adults who were involved participate again in the future?

We have organized an annual Health Fair for quite a few years and we have always had a good response.

What advice would you give other groups who may be considering the planning and facilitation of a similar opportunity for older adults?

Our advice is to make sure you have good partners to help you plan your event – the more partners you have, the more people spread the word about your event.

What key learning (pearls of wisdom) would you like to share about your experience in "connecting with respect" and creating opportunities for social engagement of older adults in Manitoba?

Community members appreciate having an event that they can easily participate in, that is well-organized and allows them to get their flu shot quickly, challenges them with a variety of activities/displays and provides opportunities to interact with new people.

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