Connect with Respect - Dauphin Seniors Celebration Luncheon

Seniors Celebration Luncheon
Dauphin Multi-Purpose Senior Centre
October 22, 2016
50 older adult participants (aged 55 years or older)
60 people involved in total


Describe the purpose of the program/activity/event:

On October 22, the Dauphin Age Friendly Committee hosted the 6th Annual Seniors Celebration for seniors in our community. The committee wanted to acknowledge and celebrate them, as October is Seniors' and Elders' Month. We also wanted to provide an opportunity for isolated seniors to come out and have a free lunch with some local entertainment and kinship.

Briefly describe what you think made your program/activity/event special? Why do you think it was successful?

The luncheon was free to any senior that wanted to attend. Transportation was available to any senior that wanted to attend. The event was held during the day and at a local facility that was easily accessible and familiar to seniors in the area. The event was promoted throughout the Dauphin area and people had to register ahead of time, so there were no worries for the seniors about available space for lunch.

How inviting or appealing was this activity for the older adults involved?

We feel that it was very inviting. It gave the community and seniors a chance to celebrate and acknowledge the importance of seniors in our community. We had a local Ukrainian dance group entertain the group and also got seniors on the dance floor.

How easy was it (for the older adults) to participate?

We were able to remove almost all barriers the event was free, transportation was available, held during the day, held at an accessible location.

How likely will the older adults who were involved participate again in the future?

We anticipate that older adults will participate at our 7th annual luncheon. We make it interactive and intergenerational in a safe environment.

What advice would you give other groups who may be considering the planning and facilitation of a similar opportunity for older adults?

Lot of advertising, have seniors pre-register, have transportation available if needed, have people assist seniors with lunch if needed, and provide local entertainment.

What key learning (pearls of wisdom) would you like to share about your experience in "connecting with respect" and creating opportunities for social engagement of older adults in Manitoba?

If you are able to, pull your resources together and provide a free or low-cost event. Make sure seniors feel welcome and acknowledge their wisdom and strength towards the community. Involve youth to help with the event and round up some local entertainment to finish off the luncheon.

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