Programs - Roundtables
The coalition of Manitoba organizations, supporting partners and older individuals that make up ALCOA-MB established roundtables to develop strategic directions to achieve the vision of a province where all older Manitobans are leading active lifestyles thereby contributing to their physical and overall well-being. Each roundtable will focus on one area of work and will employ the following mechanisms to pursue the vision:
  1. Research and understanding of the issue. To ensure that the proposed plan is based on evidence and best practices, a review and documentation of the chosen area of focus will be made.
  2. Speakers and presenters who have undertaken creative or innovative work in the focus area.
  3. A one day planning session to identify the work to be undertaken to achieve the vision. Identification of the role of various partners, governments at all levels as well as communities and corporate Manitoba. click here for the full document.
Social Connectiveness:

Pathways to Successful Aging: Active and Socially Connected
Engaging Socially Isolated Seniors: An Action Plan for Older Manitobans

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