Programs - Healthy Lifestyles Bingo
The Healthy Lifestyle Bingo will enrich any program you are currently running. The game can be used as well to attract individuals who may not come out to traditional education/information settings. The Healthy Lifestyle Bingo is an informal way to give sound, up-to-date advice personal well being, create discussion and allow people opportunity to have fun and socialize.
The Healthy Lifestyle Bingo includes:
  • 24 Player Cards (laminated)
  • 75 Calling Card Deck (laminated) - with teachable moments to be read or modified Bingo markers (reusable)
  • Two canvas tote bags and Two lunch bags for game storage and prizes
The game is available for loan or purchase ($155). Please contact the Healthy Aging Coordinator for further information.
If you have other ideas or requests to meet the needs older adults in your community please contact us and we will try and customize a presentation or display to meet your specific needs. 

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