55+GAMES - About the Games

A word from the ALCOA-MB Chair, Teresa Tacchi

On behalf of the Active Living Coalition for Older Adults of Manitoba (ALCOA-MB) it is my pleasure, as chair, to bring greetings to all the participants, volunteers, sponsors and spectators of the annual 55 Plus Games.

I applaud the participants for getting involved and taking an active role in your personal health and wellness. The games offer socialization and friendly competition for participants of all skill levels, while also promoting the many benefits of fitness and sport. So have fun, connect with peers, compete, and represent your region.

ALCOA-MB actively encourages all older Manitobans and organizations serving their needs to get involved in the fun and games. They encourage individuals 55 Plus to maintain and enhance their well being through a lifestyle that embraces daily physical activities.

Good Luck to all the participants, have FUN, strive for your personal best, but remember that you are all winners, because YOU ARE PARTICIPATING.

Teresa Tacchi

The 55+ Games offer many ways to promote the benefits of healthy active living for older Manitobans and many opportunities to encourage all Manitobans 55 years of age or older to participate in regular physical, mental and social activities associated with the 55+ Games.

There are many older adults currently involved and knowledgeable in the 55+ Games activities, who are more than willing to help you learn the activity and build the confidence you need to have fun and be active.  If you are 55 years of age or older there is something in the 55+ Games for you. 
We would like to thank our Sponsors for their continued support! Without them, the 55 Plus Games would not be a success!

To provide a sport and recreation outlet for friendly competition for Manitobans 55 and over.
To provide and promote opportunities that contributes to the education, culture, social activity and general well being of Manitobans 55 and over.
To engender a sense of community spirit by providing the opportunity and catalyst for bringing older adults, their families, and the community at large, together to participate in the 55 Plus Games.

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